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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Garcia Contreras, Rogelio


This Honors Thesis researches the complex interrogative following the arts impact industry and the impact reporting methods available to the organizations within this industry. The research is achieved through a multiple-case study on six different arts impact organizations and additional web-based analysis. The case studies provide the structure for the ultimate discussion on available impact reporting methods for arts impact organizations and the level of importance, difficulty, and constraints associated with this form of reporting. This study presents detail on the growth and position of the current arts impact industry as well as that of the creative economy as a whole.

The creative economy accounts for much of the growth and beauty seen in most communities today. This study exemplifies the importance of this economy and specifically that of the arts impact industry that constitutes a portion of the larger creative economy. “Arts impact” is defined as organizations achieving a social or environmental change through a form of art. These organizations utilize impact reporting as their primary indicator of growth and success. This study indicates the various ways organizations are achieving those reports and provides data and visuals on the portion of impact that is identifiable through reporting for each individual organization presented in this Honors Thesis. The results of the research indicate the challenges in demonstrating a testimony of impact in the arts impact industry.


Arts, Arts Impact, Creative Economy, Arts Economy, Arts Impact Reporting, Artistic Economy