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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Jensen, Sarah


This thesis examines the impact of food marketing on different segments of the population in the United States. Specifically, the study focuses on the effects of food advertising on men, women, and children, with an emphasis on the ways in which marketing messages influence their food choices, attitudes, and behaviors. Through a comprehensive review of the literature and a survey of various participants, the thesis analyzes the various techniques used by food companies to target these groups, including packaging, labeling, and promotional strategies. Furthermore, it reviews studies on the effects of food advertising and media messaging on the physical and mental health of men, women, and children. The results suggest that food marketing has a significant impact on the food choices and attitudes of all three groups, with children being particularly vulnerable to persuasive marketing messages. The findings also highlight the need for greater regulation of food marketing practices to promote healthier eating habits and reduce the prevalence of obesity and related diseases in the United States.


Food Marketing, Advertising, Consumer Behavior, Media, Mental Health