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UAF Access Only - Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Harris, Flint


During my ten-week internship at Cintas in Springdale, Arkansas, as a Management Trainee Intern, I learned the details of a Fortune 500 company’s operations. The immersive program provided a comprehensive view of various departments, emphasizing Cintas' commitment to our unique corporate culture outlined in Richard T. Farmer's book, "Spirit is the Difference." The role of leadership, exemplified by General Manager Ryan Scogin, stood out, with a focus on inspiration, motivation, and positive work culture. I highlight the success of a complex reroute project, showcasing collaborative efforts, meticulous planning, and effective communication among Cintas’ partners. As an intern, I gained an understanding of Cintas' operations, from service routes and plant management to engaging with a variety of partners. The positive feedback and efficiency improvements from the reroute project played a pivotal role in securing my future Management Trainee position with Cintas. I conclude with anticipation and excitement about joining Cintas in June 2024, recognizing Cintas' positive work culture and commitment to personal growth as an ideal company for me to establish my career.


Business, Management, Operations, NWA, Fortune 500, Arkansas