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Ballentine, John


Although delivery companies are not in short supply, CC Furniture Shipments aims to differentiate by providing more unique offerings to higher-end customers. Whereas CC Furniture Shipments will act as its own entity, it will work in conjunction with the retail store Interior Fabrics and Design in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Resources like moving vehicles, clientele, and wholesale connections will be shared between the two companies. These connections will provide the basis on which to build a platform that will provide consumers with everything they would need to revitalize their home or business. One major requirement for many wholesalers is access to a retail storefront in which they display promotional materials and catalogs. IF&D will act as this storefront while CC Shipments will remain in a separate warehouse, providing logistical support, storage, and other custom services. We aim to provide the most exclusive home décor products from companies like Uttermost, Gabby, Global Views, and many more firms known for their high quality and expansive offerings. One major flaw that currently exists among these companies is the negligence of third party shipping carriers. In the past, carriers have delivered damaged goods to the customer and put the responsibility on them to store and file a replacement for the goods. CC Shipments will act as the receiver to unpackage, examine, and file claims (if needed) on the goods so that the customer does not have to do it themselves. Unlike other companies, we will also have a pricing model that will just charge a flat service rate per unit type, rather than judging it based on the item’s weight and dimensions. Add-ons for these items will also be available to the customer at an additional charge. Our ultimate goal, along with Interior Fabrics and Design, is to form a hassle-free, one-stop-shop for all goods to renovate the customer’s space.


drop-shipping, e-commerce, business plan

Available for download on Friday, October 24, 2025