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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Kopp, Steven W.

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Kelting, Katie


The purpose of this research is to examine corporate sponsorship of secondary school athletics. With a decrease of funding for school districts and tightening of budgets across the country, secondary schools have utilized a new major resource of income: sponsorship. Throughout the nation high schools are funding many programs, including athletics through the use of corporate sponsorship. Though previous research has concentrated on sponsorship at either the professional or collegiate level, the focus of this research is to further explore the business model of corporate sponsorship in in interscholastic athletics from the viewpoint of the school districts, understand benefits and consequences for businesses and schools, and how schools generate revenue through sponsorships for athletic programs. Surveys were distributed to 340 Oklahoma and Arkansas Principals and Athletic Directors determining that 89% of responding schools solicit corporate sponsorships, however 98% of survey participants claimed they receive the majority of their sponsorship from local, not corporate businesses.