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Kopp, Steven

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Jensen, Sarah

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Jensen, Sarah


This paper describes and reports the results of a study that examines how teenagers choose to purchase and wear different brands. I wanted to find out if they would be affected positively or negatively towards different brands when they were associated with their membership, aspirational, or dissociative reference groups as well as how a teenager decides what brands are relevant to them or convey what they want to convey about themselves. Through the exploration of friends, hobbies, advertising, social media, situational factors, parents, through interviews, along with the help of many scholarly articles, I was able to find out what teenagers ages thirteen through eighteen feel about why they wear what they wear. This paper also discusses implications of the research and how we can use this information to appeal to the approaching new generation of consumers. This research is important because adolescents are forming brand loyalties now and are a growing group of consumers. At this point in their lives, teens begin to get jobs, and companies need to be able to appeal to this age group in order to maximize profits and hold onto this group’s interest as they age.

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