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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Jensen, Molly

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Howlett, Betsy


The proliferation of internet content has generated a significant online marketing increase in recent years. While there exists a relatively broad base of knowledge regarding the impact of traditional advertisement structures and their effects on consumer behavior, less is known about the impact of the interactive world of online advertising, particularly video advertising. Research has been done to address the question of identifying a more suitable model for the online video format than a standard pre-roll advertisement. The Pool Lane One of VivaKi found that the most effective model was the ad-selector, which allowed consumers to choose their preference from a group of advertisements in a given time frame. This study seeks to address contextual variations within the ad-selector model to determine how they impact recall. When the viewer is presented choices from the same brand or product class, there is potential for Competitive Interference to inhibit learning. Conversely, learning of advertised information could be improved if the ad-selector model increases Personal Relevance. Therefore, the interaction of Competitive Interference and Personal Relevance within the ad-selector model are examined in regards to free recall.