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Bachelor of Science in International Business

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Jensen, Sarah


Personal style is how everyone expresses their individuality and personality; there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to buy clothes to do that. The issue arrives when big corporations take advantage of this and sell products to consumers that end up hurting rather than healing. It is often forgotten how much of an impact big business has on our everyday lives; they can affect our economy, our atmosphere, or even our daily interactions. Customers are beginning to realize that there are positive and negative consequences to their purchases. On one hand, shopping is a great way to boost the economy, but on the other hand, it is a way to generate a copious amount of waste and increase carbon emissions. It is necessary to hire employees to manufacture products for customers to buy, thus increasing jobs; however, that can also increase outsourcing and maltreatment of those employees. There are a lot of different industries that are consistently dealing with this balance, some less focused on how to combat the negative effects than others. One of the main industries not as concerned about this balance is the apparel industry.


fast fashion, environment, employee rights