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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Medenwald, Christopher


Destraal Bakery is a bakery café that will offer patrons a space to slow down and treat themselves. Offering bread products and coffee, Destraal differentiates itself through product quality, shop atmosphere, delivery, and social responsibility. Destraal will eventually seek B- Corp status.

Located in West Colorado Springs, more specifically, Old Colorado Springs, Destraal will benefit from grants and loans offered to female entrepreneurs, high levels of tourism and foot traffic, and close proximity to the target demographic. In a growing industry, Destraal is forecasted to be profitable within the first year. The bakery café will achieve 14% profit margin in years two-three: above the national average.

The market that Destraal will be in supports local businesses and has a vibrant culture. The market is expected to grow in the next few years. Similarly, the profitability of the market is on a positive trend. However, competition is a main threat because although the Euro-style bakery is a novelty in the United States, the products offered are not new innovations.

The funding needed for the Euro-style bakery is a $20,000 startup loan. The owner will provide the remaining startup funds of $30,000.


bakery cafe, business plan, small business