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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration




Shaheen, Iana


There are many areas that need improvement in the medical supply chain when it comes to humanitarian disaster responses specifically related to hurricanes. The purpose is to provide an overview of the various factors and challenges in the medical supply chain that must be considered when responding to a hurricane disaster, focusing specifically on Hurricane Laura. Specifically, I focus on five key issues that I assembled based on the literature that must be taken into account when responding to hurricane disaster: (1) availability of resources, (2) inventory management control, (3) risk management strategies, (4) coordination among stakeholders, and (5) debris management. This research draws upon qualitative methods including an interview with an industry expert and a literature review to analyze the current landscape of hurricane disaster response in the supply chain. I aim to establish potential solutions for addressing these issues based on previous best practices.


Medical supply chain, humanitarian disaster response, Hurricane Laura, coordination among stakeholders, risk management strategies