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Bachelor of Science in International Business

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Jensen, Sarah


Poverty is a complex issue that will require complex solutions. There is a disconnect between the two as people living in poverty usually connect it to ideas of self-esteem, pride, and confidence. In contrast, people who aren't living in it will connect poverty to the lack of material possessions and more physical needs. Proposed solutions and ventures that seek to assist those living in poverty must consider that each individual living in poverty has a different situation. This paper will explore the effect that social enterprises have on Women in poverty by providing employment, training, and support. The company Trades of Hope will be the focus of this paper as they have a unique business model that combines direct selling channels with social entrepreneurship as they aim to alleviate poverty through their partnership with women artisans around the world. Defining social entrepreneurship and the strategies that social enterprises employ will allow the effectiveness of Trades of Hope to be analyzed. Through this, I hope to uncover potential implications of the issues impoverished women face in seeking employment. Exploring the realities of impoverished women and how they approach gaining employment in societies that typically do not support women in the workforce will provide further insight into the specific economic needs of these people. By conducting a review of the current literature about social enterprises, we can compare industry practices with Trades of Hope to better understand how their approach sets them up to reach their individual goals as a business. I plan on using this paper to further explore the methods they use to empower women through employment. By looking at Trades of Hope and their methods of employment, training, outreach, and marketing to help bring financial stability to women in need, we can analyze the effectiveness and impact of the company and its strategy as a whole.


social, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, marketing, cause marketing