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preceptor, perceptions, students, nurse practitioners, physicians

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Kelly Young

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Marilou Shreve


Nurse practitioners and physicians are increasingly sought to volunteer as preceptors for nurse practitioner students. Preceptors serve a crucial role in student education in providing mentorship, instruction, and supervision in the clinical setting. However, preceptors are often difficult to come by, leaving a shortage of available clinicians willing to participate in preceptorships. There is a paucity of information related to exploring the experiences of precepting among clinicians who have served as preceptors. Insight into these experiences are imperative in identifying the impetuses that drive or dissuade clinicians to commit to the preceptor role. This DNP project implemented a survey designed to delve into the barriers and facilitators experienced by preceptors. The survey also assessed how clinicians regarded the idea of attending free workshops that would prepare them for their role as preceptors. Findings of this study will be utilized to promote the recruitment and retention of preceptors associated with the Eleanor Manning School of Nursing at the University of Arkansas.