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Jarrett, Anna

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Smith-Blair, Nancy J

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Emory, Jan

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Church, Terri


The purpose of this study was to determine the long-term effectiveness of pain management education on patient satisfaction scores. The study sought to determine if the knowledge gained by nurses was retained greater than six months, and then determine if there was a need for a potential refresher course. This study examined the nurses at a community hospital in a mid-sized rural southern state who received an educational presentation on pain management to see if this education had a lasting impact on patient satisfaction scores for that hospital. Retrospective scores were compared for an additional six months to determine if the difference was statistically significant, indicating either scores dropped or scores continued to improved, or they stayed the same. One-way ANOVAs indicated there was no statistical significance difference in the scores over the specified time frames. The education offering and intermittent reinforcement through online learning tools may have assisted nurses’ to retain and use the information about pain management.