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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Osborne, Cara

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Driggers, Laura


Embold Health Inc. is a start-up company created by leading physicians who saw a rising need in health care for accurate and comprehensive data regarding the quality, cost effectiveness, and appropriateness of care. Using one of the largest most comprehensive data sets in the United States and analytics lead by top scientist and physicians in the field, they are able to formulate a measurement of physician performance aimed at improving health care and outcomes for patients. Providing this data to employers, insurers and providers allows for a push to improve quality of non-recommended providers, reward for providers offering quality care and evaluates cost for the benefit of employers and payers. In the following subsections, I will discuss various areas that I devoted my learning to throughout this internship. The first area of focus was to develop a greater understanding of the United States Health Care System, employee-sponsored health insurance, and the rising health care costs affecting millions of Americans. Next gaining a comprehensive knowledge of the Embold Health methodology and how it is being used to further health care reform and quality improvement. Finally, a summary of my learning experience throughout my internship at Embold Health Inc.