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Bachelor of Science in Nursing




Ballentine, Hope

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Murray, Lori


For employees who work in food processing plants, work related injuries can take a serious physical toll because of the continuous repetition of the tasks that they perform. Occupational health nurses work hard to encourage correct body mechanics in the workplace and are often the ones to treat those injuries. An internship at a food manufacturing plant allowed me to step into the shoes of an occupational health nurse and witness the difficulties that come with the position. The purpose of my position was to educate the food processing plant employees on proper ergonomics as well as create a stretching video to help decrease work related injuries. I learned that stretching throughout the workday was helpful, but the best ways to prevent injuries from occurring are proper ergonomics and body mechanics.


Occupational Nursing, Musculoskeletal, Stretching, Ergonomics, Body Mechanics, Health, Injury