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Bachelor of Science in Nursing




Vowell Johnson, Kelly

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Ballentine, Hope


With increasing cancer diagnoses and an increase of chemotherapy treatment, many patients complain of cognitive decline during the duration of treatment as well as once treatment has been completed. The purpose of this review is to compile relevant research regarding chemotherapy-related cognitive impairment and its implications for the care of cancer patients. Peer-reviewed articles and studies focusing on the impact of chemotherapy on cognitive function were evaluated, resulting in a total of 12 studies utilized in this review. Overall, it has been found that a large percentage of patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment report a subjective decline in cognitive functioning, but there is little evidence of objective decline shown by cognitive testing and fMRI data. While more research needs to be conducted to find whether there is measurable objective decline in patients receiving chemotherapy treatment, understanding and managing the symptoms should be a priority for healthcare providers delivering chemotherapy treatment.


chemotherapy, cognitive impairment, cognitive function, cancer treatment