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Franks, Lisa

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Ballentine, Hope


The purpose of this literature review is to explore the relationship of nutritional management on glycemic control amongst adolescents who have diabetes. The adolescent population has significant negative or positive peer influence on the management of their diabetes (Yang, 2018, p.104). These peer perceptions can include empathy, curiosity, knowledge seeking, enthusiasm, fearfulness, and bullying (Yang, 2018, p.104). These influences directly affect nutritional management, blood glucose levels, and insulin management. When the peer influence is negative the individual is less inclined to acknowledge their medical condition (Yang, 2018, p.105). Other influences on the management of diabetes include technology, physical exercise, and the individual's diet. A literature review was performed on 20 peer reviewed journal articles exploring the different influences of the management of diabetes in adolescents. This was done by using two databases PubMed and Wiley plus using PICOT phrases as well as inclusion and exclusion criteria. The different influences of technology include telehealth appointments, communication with healthcare workers via apps, and tracking blood glucose and insulin levels. The impact of physical exercise and nutrition on the individual also plays an important role in the overall control of the individual's management.


Diabetic Adolescents, Glycemic Control, Pediatric Diabetic Management