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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Vowell Johnson, Kelly

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Bemis, Sarah


With unintentional injury being the number one cause of death of children in the United States, it warrants the need for successful, cost effective ways to improve identification of severe injury and prevent mortality in children. The purpose of this review is to compile literature related to pediatric specific trauma assessments in the instance of blunt trauma. Twenty peer-reviewed articles that were published in notable journals were analyzed to include in this review. There are several assessments that are being utilized in pre-hospital and hospital emergency settings today, such as the Shock Index (Pediatric Age Adjusted), Pediatric BIG Score, and variations of the Injury Severity Score. Other variables analyzed that have an impact on patient outcomes include socioeconomic status, trauma center type, and availability of resources. While research comparing the successes and shortcomings of these assessments are limited, it is crucial for healthcare professionals to understand the components of each of these assessments so that they may decide which one to implement considering the resources available.


Pediatric, blunt trauma, assessment