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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Scott, Allison

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Osborne, Cara

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Smith-Blair, Nancy J


A retrospective chart review was done using a sample of breastfeeding Hispanic mothers recruited from a large pediatric clinic in Northwest Arkansas in order to examine the impact of a tailored breastfeeding intervention and to identify factors associated with discontinuation of breastfeeding before four months of age. It was hypothesized that Hispanic women who participated in the study would increase their breastfeeding rates compared to Hispanic women who received no intervention. Breastfeeding rates at four months were assessed via self-report in the electronic medical record. Variables within the sample population that were measured include maternal age, maternal education, primary language spoken, return to work within four months, and type of insurance. Data analysis was done using descriptive statistics and appropriate hypothesis testing was carried out. Although data from this study was limited, trends and correlations were identified that maintain similar reports of social support as a method of increasing breastfeeding rates in Hispanic mothers and offer suggestions for management strategies of breastfeeding support.