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Dr. Allison Scott

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Dr. Kelly Vowell Johnson

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Hope Ballentine


Many mothers are unaware of the benefits of breastfeeding. This lack of knowledge leads to an inability to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the potential source of nutrition their infant will receive during his or her first months of life. Many mothers never even attempt to breastfeed their infant. Even among the mothers who do initially choose to breastfeed, the majority deviate to other forms of feeding early in the postpartum period. Despite the fact that most major medical organizations encourage exclusive breastfeeding through the first six months of an infant’s life, the CDC report for 2013 claims the number of mothers exclusively breastfeeding in Arkansas at 6 months to be strikingly low at 9.2%. Considerable efforts are being made to dramatically improve this. This study used a pre-­‐ post-­‐ retrospective medical records review to compare prior and post implementation of WRMC’s exclusive breastfeeding intervention. The findings provided by this study highlight the importance of consistent and continuous breastfeeding education and support beginning in the prenatal period and going throughout the postpartum period. They recognize the effectiveness of the teaching provided by the lactation consultant and healthcare personnel at Washington Regional Medical Center but also identify areas of growth