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Scott, Allison

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Vowell-Johnson. Kelly

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Shreve, Marilou


Background: The Hispanic population is the largest growing minority ethnic group in the United States today. Minority groups have an added struggle with obesity and have higher rates of obesity in this country than the caucasian counterparts. While minority group parents want more for their children they face many cultural and language barriers related to proper nutrition and hydration. This prevents these families from gaining adequate nutrition.

Objective: The purpose was to evaluate the impact of nutrition education on obesity rates through implementation of a year long educational intervention for minority group mothers and their children through and already established parenting class group at George Elementary in Springdale, AR.

Methods: In this quasi- experimental study, the pretest and post test were used to evaluate implementation of nutritional behaviors. The gathered data was compared to evaluate the effectiveness of the education. The intervention consisted of education modules that were completed of the course of the year. The first focused on overall healthy habits, the second on nutrition, the third on exercise and sleep, which data has yet to be completed on, and the last was an overall review.

Results: Despite all parents (N=13) reporting they view physical activity as important, only 46% reported their child participated in neighborhood physical activities, 69% engaged in physical activity with their child and 85% reported their child had 2 hours or more of screen time daily. The pre-data showed no strong correlation in emotional eating behaviors.

Conclusion: It is our hope that this research and teaching will provide caregivers in minority groups with the knowledge and confidence they need to implement healthy habits into their lives and the lives of their children. This will hopefully lead to the improvement of overall health of these minority populations in Northwest Arkansas.


nursing, nutrition, minority, health, habits