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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Osborne, Cara

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Gray, Kelli

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Patton, Susan


This thesis provides a personal reflection on a nurse internship with North Texas Ob-Gyn Associations located in Lewisville, Texas. An evaluation of the internship was conducted by providing a description of the position, analyzing the internship, and outlining a pertinent patient case study. The responsibilities for this position mainly included assisting the doctor during appointments. An extensive range of skills were gained through the experience, including developing confidence in interactions with patients and learning physical tasks. The focus of the honors project was overall learning, which occurred through completion of learning goals, and the goals of the internship were fully met. Active participation in the office’s mission statement was completed by providing patient-centered care. Knowledge was gained in working under stress and becoming more self-sufficient and confident. Ethical considerations explored during the internship were related to language barriers and caring for patients who are not motivated to care for themselves. Overall, the internship proved to be a positive learning opportunity that allowed for the development of numerous skills that will be used through the nursing career.


Obstetrics and Gynecology, Nursing, Nursing Internship