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Volume 18 Issue 11


High school, mathematics, language arts, ACT Aspire, content-area growth, Arkansas


This section highlights high schools across the state whose students demonstrated high growth on the Arkansas ACT Aspire exams. The ACT Aspire was administered to students in grades 3 through 10 in April 2021 in Math and ELA courses which include English, Writing, and Reading.

Each table in this section presents the Top 20 schools for the noted subject area and school level. In addition, these tables include the region in which the schools are located, the grades served at the school, the weighted achievement score, and the content growth score in that particular subject.

The level of the schools, namely Elementary, Middle, and High, have been based on the school allocation given through the My School Info portal of the Arkansas Department of Education website.


Outstanding Educational Performance Awards: Highlighting High-Growth Arkansas Schools, 2021