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Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics | Elementary Particles and Fields and String Theory | Engineering Physics | Other Physics


Physics, mechanics, particles, velocity, motion, inertia, kinetic, forces


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This is a textbook for the first semester of University Physics for scientists and engineers. It covers classical mechanics, and a brief introduction to thermodynamics. The presentation and approach are similar to Mazur’s “The Principles and Practice of Physics,” in that conservation laws are introduced before forces, and one-dimensional systems thoroughly covered before moving to two dimensions. Although the course is “calculus based,” the book has been written with the understanding that many students may be taking calculus simultaneously as a corequisite, so the use of calculus is relatively sparse.

This revised version (Fall 2019) takes into account a number of student suggestions. it has more worked out examples, and also a few more problems; the material in Chapters 8 and 9 has been slightly rearranged, so that now rotational kinematics is part of Chapter 8 (“Motion in two dimensions”); and the chapters on gravity and waves, 10 and 12, have been simplified a bit (particularly 12). Some of the more advanced examples from the first version have now been labeled “Advanced Topics,” so students should know that they can skip them if they want to. Several typos have been corrected as well.


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