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A doped nanocrystal comprising; a core of a first semiconductor nanocrystal 1510 and a layer of a second semiconductor nanocrystal formed on the core 1512. The doped nanocrystal core may be formed with at least one metal dopant 1501 doped into a non-metal precursor. Also disclosed is a method of synthesizing doped nanocrystals comprising; admixing a non-metal precursor and a metal dopant 1501 in a solvent at a first temperature T1 to form nanocrystal nuclei 1510; changing the temperature to from T1 to T2, such that the metal becomes chemically inert; adding a metal oxide or metal salt precursor to the reaction vessel to grow a layer of doped nanocrystals 1512 on the nuclei 1510; wherein some of the nanocrystals have a nucleus 1510 doped with a metal dopant 1501 and a layer of host nanocrystals enclosing the nucleus 1512.


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GB2470131 (B)

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Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas (Little Rock, AR)


Xiaogang Peng, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Narayan Pradhan, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry