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An apparatus and method for maximizing the dissolved concentration of ozone in a liquid. The apparatus includes a dissolution tank having a pressure vessel configured to contain a treated fluid and at least one gas in a head space above the treated fluid, an inlet configured to permit passage of an untreated fluid into the head space, and an outlet configured to permit passage of the treated fluid out of the vessel; a gas supply system configured to transport the at least one gas to the head space; a fluid supply system configured to provide the untreated fluid to the tank; a bleed-off system for removing gas from the head space so as to maximize the dissolved concentration of the ozone gas in the liquid; and a discharge device configured to pass the treated fluid from the tank into the target liquid.


Biological and Agricultural Engineering

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US 20130026110 A1

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Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas (Little Rock, AR); BlueInGreen, LLC (Fayetteville, AR)


STATEMENT REGARDING FEDERALLY SPONSORED RESEARCH Research and development of the invention described in this disclosure has been supported, at least in part, by a grant to BlueInGreen LLC from the National Institutes of Health (grant number 2R32ES014137-02). Additionally, the present invention has been supported at least in part by the National Science Foundation SBIR Program, Grant No. IIP-0750402DMI-041955. The Government has certain rights to the invention.

Osborn, Gregory S., Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering