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Bachelor of Arts


Political Science


Baptist, Najja

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Sterling, Brett

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Dowdle, Andrew

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Warren, Ron


This project seeks to investigate residential segregation and the reasons that it still occurs within the United States. The presence of residential segregation demonstrates how the 14th amendment is being underutilized. Currently, there is a lack of research that points to home loan denial rates among black citizens compared to white citizens as a reason for residential segregation occurring. This paper includes a St. Louis case study to identify home loan denial rates between races and arguments for why those loan denial rates cause residential segregation. The disparities in the loan denial rates do not allow blacks an option to explore suburban living and therefore force them to reside in the city. The lack of policy surrounding home loans allows for unequal loan disbursements to continue to occur and in turn propel residential segregation.


Residential Segregation, 14th amendment, Race-neutral Policy