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Bachelor of Science

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Political Science


Parry, Janine

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Ryan, Jeffrey

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Zamboanga, Byron

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Levine, Bill


Through reviewing the existing scholarly literature on corruption, factors that seem to increase the likelihood or contribute to rising numbers in reported cases of corruption will be used to determine which factors are most highly correlated with the amount of reported public corruption in a state’s government. With this, one will gain knowledge on which states have the highest levels of reported corruption and what factors are present in the state that can help explain the high levels of corruption. This combination of relationships will answer the question as to what a state should look for to address issues related to political misdeeds. With that being said, we can examine where Arkansas falls with respect to general corruption level rankings compared to other states in the nation and assess the presence of multiple factors that may contribute to increasing the likelihood of higher numbers of reported corruption within the state.


Arkansas, Political corruption, public corruption, fraud