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Bachelor of Arts

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Political Science


Cuellar, Jarred

Committee Member/Reader

Zies, Brenda

Committee Member/Second Reader

Ryan, Jeffrey


This thesis will explore the intersectionality of identity formation, socioeconomic status (SES) and transgenerational trauma in Latine youth. There is extensive research in the Hispanic identity formation and the factors that influence it. However, there is little to no research that focuses on the role SES and transgenerational trauma from growing up in a Hispanic household with adversities specific to the immigrant experience and how they influence identity formation during the pre- adolescent and adolescent years. As well as how the Hispanic identity they form influences the adversities they face and SES they shift to or stay in. This research aims to shine light on the complexity of Hispanic youth development and identity formation in order to better understand the systemic issues that can aid/ harm their cultural and/ or their socioeconomic development. In the political realm, Hispanics are referred to as the “waking giant” which alludes to the belief that the Latine population has political power due to their increasing population. This research will allow us to find the disconnect between a Hispanic identity that is civically engaged and socially thriving, and the oppressed population with no voice. I expect to find a correlation between advancements in SES, a weaker Hispanic identity, and high transgenerational trauma with resources that increase resiliency and opportunity or a low transgenerational trauma with low resources.


Latine Politics, Transgenerational Trauma, Intersectionality