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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

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Political Science


Dowdle, Andrew

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Pierce, Michael

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Sebold, Karen

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Mixdorf, Cory


The research presented extensively examines previous reports covering pediatric medication errors (PMEs). Utilizing specific studies into the frequency and types of medication errors along with public surveys and policy discussion, the data and suggestions here provide commentary on the scope of PMEs, suggested institutional reform, and most importantly, legislative recommended action necessary to stymie the tide of PMEs. A significant portion of the research contained fixates on the literature review to provide ample familiarity with the background and scope of PMEs, but the subsequent sections will discuss their implication. After providing details on the magnitude of the issue, regulatory and tort system impact, organizational structure, pharmacist involvement in clinical environments, and necessary legislative reform, the work contained herein will sufficiently document the challenges patients and providers confront, including the requisite tools to remedy such an issue.


healthcare, pediatrics, legislation, medication error