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Political Science


Schreckhise, William


Tort reform legislation is a topic that has been discussed and studied heavily in the states of Texas and California. This is because it has been claimed that these states have had success in bringing more doctors into the states. This thesis studies those states, as well as the state of Arkansas. It examines Arkansas because tort reform legislation was an issue brought up in the most recent election in November 2018 in that state. Although Arkansas’ tort reform ballot measure was removed from the ballot by the Supreme Court of Arkansas, a similar measure could still be brought forth in coming years. The analysis in this thesis finds that tort reform legislation is successful in meeting its goals in some ways, but not in others. Despite the assertions of supporters of tort reform measures, tort reform legislation does not prevent a state from seeing its doctors leaving the state. Tort reform legislation does, however, lead to fewer medical malpractice payouts in a state.


medical malpractice, tort reform, Arkansas physicians, Arkansas, malpractice, medical injury compensation reform act

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