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Bachelor of Arts

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Psychological Science


Cavell, Timothy

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Alwood, Nancy

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Paez, Rocio

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Mixdorf, Cory


This study examines whether insecure attachment styles moderate the relationship between adolescent dating violence (ADV) victimization and internalizing symptoms. It was hypothesized that an insecure attachment style would strengthen the existing relation between ADV victimization and internalizing symptoms. It was also hypothesized that this association would be stronger for girls than boys. One hundred and fifty-two adolescents participated in this study (M age = 15.61 years, SD = 1.086, 74.3% girls) and were asked to complete a survey that assessed ADV victimization, internalizing symptoms, and attachment style. Bivariate correlations did not reveal a significant associations between ADV victimization and either insecure attachment style. Regression analyses revealed a significant interaction, in girls, between dismissive attachment and ADV victimization, such that girls with average or high dismissive attachment styles reported higher anxiety symptoms. Discussed are the implications of these findings for future research on this topic.


Adolescent Dating Violence, Attachment Style, Internalizing Symptoms, Insecure Attachment, Adolescents, Relationships