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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

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Psychological Science


Makhanova, Anastasia

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Zies, Brenda

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Walsh, Lora

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Mixdorf, Cory


Oral contraceptive use has gained popularity over recent decades and is currently the most used form of contraception. However, women who take oral contraceptives may experience significant side effects that impact their bodies, moods, and emotions. The current study examined fear of negative evaluation in women taking oral contraceptives and women who were naturally cycling following a social stress test. I hypothesized oral contraceptive users would have a higher fear of negative evaluation in comparison to naturally cycling women following the Trier Social Stress Test. Results did not support this hypothesis. There was marginal support for the opposite effect. Following exploratory analysis, the naturally cycling women were divided into two groups based on menstrual phase: follicular and luteal. There was a significant group difference between women in the luteal phase and oral contraceptive users. This study further emphasizes the need for future research on women’s reproductive health and the effects of hormonal contraception.


birth control, fear of evaluation, oral contraceptives