Food Systems include the entire value chain, from producer to consumer, including post-consumer recycling of nutrients and carbon. Food systems research focuses on metrics, measurements and technologies to improve the sustainability and resiliency of food systems.


Submissions from 2018


A Retrospective Assessment of US Pork Productions: 1960 to 2015, Ben Putman, Jacob Hickman, Prathamesh Bandekar, Marty Matlock, and Greg Thoma

Submissions from 2017


A retrospective analysis of the United States poultry industry: 1965 compared with 2010, Ben Putman, Greg Thoma, Jasmina Burek, and Marty Matlock


Sustainability Assessment of U.S. Beef Production Systems, Greg Thoma, Ben Putman, Marty Matlock, Jennie Popp, and Leah English

Submissions from 2015


A Life Cycle Analysis of Land Use in US Pork Production, Greg Thoma, Marty Matlock, Ben Putman, and Jasmina Burek