The impact of a two-day child parent relationship therapy training on attitude, knowledge, and skills

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Play therapy, therapists, training, mental health providers


This study measured the impact of a 2-day Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) training for therapists who want to facilitate parent CPRT groups, using an adapted version of the Play Therapy Attitude, Knowledge, and Skills Survey (PTAKSS). The primary author adapted this instrument (CPRT-PTAKSS) to measure the objectives of CPRT, with permission from the author and a factor analysis was conducted. Paired samples t tests were then conducted between the pre- and posttest scores for each of the subscales. The analyses revealed significant differences between mean levels of all 5 subscales, with Knowledge and Skills for Teaching Child-Centered Play Therapy showing the greatest increase. Additionally, the eta squared effect size also indicated high practical significance for all subscales. The results have valuable implications for training mental health providers through intensive workshops.