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Bachelor of Science Education

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Baker, Kim

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Hagstrom, Fran

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Aslin, Larry W.


The purpose of this study was to assess the affects that children with Autism Disorder have on their siblings in the area of behavior development specifically pertaining to: social impairment, repetitive behavior, and impaired communication. The following questions have been answered by this study: First, how extensive are the behaviors that occur in younger siblings of children with autism, next, are the same behaviors applicable to older siblings, and finally are the behaviors described simply a part of being a sibling. The participants in this study were 4 families that have a child with autism and a younger sibling, 2 families that have a child with autism and an older sibling, and a control group of 7 families that have a child that does not have autism 5 of which have an older sibling, and 5 of which have a younger sibling. Two online surveys were created, one for the test group, and one for the control group. The test group survey was sent to autism support groups via Facebook, and a list of e-mails of was compiled and the link sent to families who have a child with autism. The control group survey link was sent via email to parents in a 3-year old Sunday school class. Both survey links were posed on my personal Facebook, as well as on both of my parent’s Facebook; the links were also posted on the University of Arkansas Facebook NSSLHA wall. These surveys were used to collect the data. The analysis is descriptive.