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Bachelor of Science

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Hunter, Amy M

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Hagstrom, Fran

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Aslin, Larry W.


The purpose of this study was to investigate the local prevalence of ear protection worn by the facilities management personnel at the University of Arkansas while working with loud equipment. The facilities management personnel who work in noisy environments were observed and surveyed to determine the prevalence of the use of hearing protective devices while on the job. There were thirty nine participants that completed the questionnaire and nine workers were observed while working with loud equipment on the University of Arkansas campus. The results of this study, both observation and questionnaire, showed that only about 60% of individuals working with loud equipment actually wear ear protection and 97% of those individuals think it is important to wear ear protection. The contrast of individuals’ view of perceived importance versus protection being worn on campus is an interesting dynamic and leaves room for much improvement. Findings are discussed.