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Bachelor of Science

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Hagstrom, Fran

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Mamiseishvili, Ketevan

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Aslin, Larry W.


Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine how resident assistants integrate training on leadership and ethics with their personal beliefs in their roles as resident assistants (RAs). Data for this study was gathered using an electronic survey. Participants who have between one and four years of RA experience were to participate in this study. An announcement of the study with a link to the survey was sent to the resident director of all dorms on the UA campus with the request that the announcement be forwarded to the RAs. The survey included six questions that provided basic demographic information and training experience. Then the demographics was followed by four scenarios, each having four multiple choice options and two open ended questions about leadership and ethical action. It took approximately 10-20 minutes to complete the survey. Results were analyzed descriptively.