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Bachelor of Science


Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Hagstrom, Fran

Committee Member/Reader

Aslin, Larry W.

Committee Member/Second Reader

Carter, Vinson


The purpose of this study was to investigate parent perceptions about how their children become successful spellers by asking about digital and hand written practice alignment with test taking. Thirty parents of children from the primary grades of school (1st to 4th grade) were sought as participants. There was no control for the type of school (e.g. private versus public). The materials of the study included a brief questionnaire developed from the literature that ask demographic information (age, grade, etc.) and specifics about spelling homework, spelling tests in school, and perceived benefits of types of practice for spelling success. The questionnaire was distributed electronically via social media. Data from the questionnaire was used to descriptively answer the specific questions of the study.