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Bachelor of Science Education

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Hagstrom, Fran

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Aslin, Larry

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Greene, Aleeza


Clear communication between speech-language pathologists and their clients and client’s families is essential for the success of therapy. A common language between therapist and client also facilitates the exchange of information, however this is not always possible. The purpose of this study was to develop a Fotonovela as an informative tool for Hispanic parents with children in the autism spectrum to use as an early intervention guide, to provide information on therapy services and to promote the understanding between professionals and culturally diverse populations. A Fotonovela is a pamphlet with photographs in the comic-book format that usually depicts a story with a soap-opera type plot with short dialogue bubbles. The Fotonovela created was adapted to serve as an informative tool for families and speech-language pathologists working with culturally and linguistically diverse populations. The booklet focused mainly on a basic depiction of the diagnostic process beginning with commonly known symptoms of autism, then it depicted three commonly used early intervention therapy techniques for ASD that were found useful from evidence based practice research. The therapy techniques were described in a simple manner in order to reach low literacy Latino audiences. A second product was also created as a companion piece of an online document offered by the Autism Speaks website. The purpose of this piece was to simplify a lengthy document into a simple and user-friendly introductory booklet for the benefit of low literacy Latino families as well. It was originally created in Spanish and then translated into English for the benefit non-Spanish speaking families and professionals.