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Brian Pullen

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David Hyatt


When a student enters the University of Arkansas, ADHD medications are frequently introduced and classified by students as a common aid for studying. Because the University does not have a specific program to inform and warn students about the consequences of ADHD medication abuse, students who are new to the vigorous demands of college can easily start inadvertently taking the medication.

To further knowledge on ADHD medication abuse at the University of Arkansas and its effects, a student research study was conducted. This study includes the history of ADHD as well as brief inspections of current studies on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. After research was read, the researcher proceeded to collect data at the University of Arkansas to gain knowledge of the phenomenon with Arkansas’ students in mind. The study was also created in hope to expand policies at the University that will enlighten the commencing students of University of Arkansas of ADHD medication abuse and the consequences.


ADHD, Abuse, ADHD History, ADHD Abuse