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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Supply Chain Management


Kent, John


This paper will contain a discourse regarding intermodal transportation, with a focus on refrigerated containers. It will also give insight into the current issues facing the intermodal market with a selection of suggestions on how to address them. The discourse will take factors such as cost, service, reliability, capacity, the characteristics of the different modes of transportation, and several other factors into consideration. This shall be accomplished through a qualitative interview series conducted with involved parties with different perspectives. Additionally, quantitative data gathered from industry and governmental resources will assist in the analysis. The output of this paper will be a greater sense of understanding of the limitations and current issues faced by intermodal transportation, gathered from different stakeholders along the value chain. The conclusion will summarize the findings as well as offer possible solutions. The intention is for this paper to be accessible and informative for individuals of varying degrees of education and as such it will contain some general information regarding intermodal transportation as a whole, offering insight to the uninformed and a refresher to those who are already involved in the industry.


Supply Chain, Intermodal, Cooperation, Transportation