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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Supply Chain Management


Kent, John


Retail supply chain tactics vary drastically by differing cities, especially when looking at population density and how it can affect final mile delivery. When looking to expand or create new business, you will have to look at new ways to operate your business to compete in each specific environment. An example of this would be how cultural trends affect how business is done, such as people having smaller cabinets in many Asian countries, meaning less products being purchased on shopping trips. Grocery stores in urban cities in China also have very limited access to parking. Walmart discovered the best way to overcome these challenges, to achieve competitive advantage, would be to offer free motorcycle delivery within a certain radius of their stores. This is a parallel to Walmart grocery pickup in the United States. When looking to expand or create new business, it is of extreme importance to understand not only the business environment, but the trends of the area being prospected. Through literature review and use of past experiences, I hope to develop strategies for overcoming these challenges to achieve better, cheaper, and faster retail supply chains.


population density, supply chain strategies, delivery, drone delivery, ecommerce