Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Supply Chain Management


Williams, Donnie


The overarching goal of the research is evaluating the structure of my internship and identifying an internship model that creates meaningful, beneficial opportunities for students, creates a talent pipeline for companies, and establishes experiential education opportunities for academic institutions. The interns were assigned to the company’s largest, most important account which makes this an interesting case. Once the structure of the internship program has been evaluated, the specific goal of this research project is to create a supply chain internship model that is mutually beneficial to all parties involved. There is limited research in this field so this case study will serve as a base for further research. The main findings were that each aspect of an internship program is uniquely important. Also, depending on company and assigned work, internship programs can affect multiple areas of the company. Finally, assigning interns to the most important account can be beneficial to the company and everyone involved if the right criteria are met.


internship, supply chain, experiential learning, talent pipeline