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Bachelor of Arts

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Supply Chain Management


Freeze, Ron


This thesis outlines a comprehensive plan for implementing an internship program, from the perspective of a former intern. The paper emphasizes the importance of internships for businesses and aims to create a program that generates value for both the business and the intern. The plan is divided into three stages: Planning and Designing, Recruiting and Selecting, and Managing and Supervising. Each stage provides detailed steps for successfully implementing an internship program, including identifying needs and objectives, determining a timeline and structure, defining roles and responsibilities, developing a budget, setting performance expectations and goals, providing training and support, evaluating performance, and managing relationships. Through performing an internal needs assessment and aligning the program with the needs and objectives of the business, the program will provide interns with meaningful work and bring value to the company. Overall, this paper serves as an actionable plan for businesses looking to implement a successful supply chain internship program.


internship program, small business, talent development, professional development