Date of Graduation


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Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Supply Chain Management


Thomas, Stephanie


This paper will contain an overview of my internship experiences at Hilti and, Inc. It will give insight into the history, culture, and backgrounds of both companies. Additionally, it will address the structure and learning objectives of both internships, with an in-depth analysis of the projects that I completed during my time with both companies. These analyses will describe the underlying business problems that both firms were facing, as well as, the quantitative and qualitative value that was driven by my recommendations and the successful implementation of various supply chain solutions. Given that Hilti and, Inc. differ in terms of size, industry, geographical reach, product portfolio, and much more, this paper provides a glimpse into the similarities and differences between the two in terms of my internship experience and the supply chain management challenges that they were facing. Lastly, the appendix of this paper features reflections from both of my internship experiences which detail key learnings and takeaways from my time at both companies.


Project Management, Sales and Operations Planning, Salesforce, Internship, Supply Chain, Packaging