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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Supply Chain Management


Fugate, Brian


The transportation industry touches every facet of business: research and development, final mile services, raw material procurement, even technology innovation and application design. Without transportation of goods, people, and services, each business as we know would fall apart. The greater supply chain itself relies heavily on the presence and precision of transportation to create value for each specific company’s operations. Beginning in the summer of 2022, I have had the privilege of interning at J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., one of the world’s largest logistics and transportation companies, which has opened my eyes to the sheer impact of transportation on each level of business operation. In my time as an Intermodal Appointment Intern with J.B. Hunt, I have gained experiential knowledge of the transportation industry overall and specifically intermodal rail operations by working alongside rail operations professionals and working with customers to ensure On Time Delivery and drive value for each organization.


Supply Chain Management, J.B. Hunt, Intermodal Transportation