Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Supply Chain Management


Fugate, Brian


In today's globalized business environment, efficient supply chain management has become crucial for organizations striving for success. The Walton School of Business at the University of Arkansas is widely regarded as one of the top institutions for supply chain management education in the nation. As a student who has undergone their supply chain program and curriculum, I have gained valuable insights and experiences that have prepared me for the demands of the industry.

One of the significant benefits of this education was the opportunity to undertake an internship at Caterpillar Inc., where I was able to gain hands-on experience in procurement for their Energy & Transportation division. Through this internship, I developed a deeper understanding of the critical role that procurement plays in the supply chain, as well as how technology can be leveraged to improve procurement operations. The experience has also helped me to grow in terms of flexibility, adaptability, and leadership, which will be invaluable as I move toward a full-time role in the industry after graduation.

This thesis will outline the key insights gained from my internship and how they have contributed to my understanding of supply chain management and procurement. Additionally, I will explore the concepts of the 4 Disciplines of Execution and lean manufacturing, which I learned during my time at Caterpillar, and how they can be applied to enhance supply chain operations. Finally, I will discuss the primary areas of growth I experienced during the internship, including data analysis, networking, the implementation of logical thinking, and software proficiency. By sharing these experiences, I hope to contribute to the discussion on effective supply chain management and inspire future students to pursue this vital field.


Supply Chain, Procurement, Purchasing, Sourcing