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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Supply Chain Management


Amerine, Jeff

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Hyatt, David


Every year over 88 million people participate in recreational boating on lakes all across the U.S. ( While enjoying their favorite aquatic activities, these people have needs and desires just like any other time in life, but with a relatively high opportunity cost to acquire goods. Making a trip to the marina and back costs both money and time that boaters would rather be spending having fun with family and friends. The Seats model, a mobile vending vessel, will fill this gap, providing food necessities and a fun environment that does not require boaters to dock their boat in order to obtain any forgotten goods. Our vessel will be stocked with the items boaters forgot to pack and will make its way around the lake--attracting crowds of lake-goers who are hungry, looking for a good time, or both. The Seats model will begin operation at Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas, and eventually spread to lakes across the United States.