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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Supply Chain Management


Worrell, Dan.


This study examines how social media and online shopping are providing new forms of employee time theft for companies and considers the impact they have on productivity. Whether the trends are actually apparent was then connected to an individual’s perception of whether stealing company time is unethical. Data was obtained in this study through a survey. The survey was conducted through direct and behavioral questions of participants. The first half of the survey contained direct questions measuring the respondent’s own usage of social media, their online shopping habits, and whether they do these activities while working. The second half of the survey presented behavioral questions in which two written scenarios were presented to participants, and they then responded to statements regarding their beliefs of the situations. The results of this study suggest that social media and online shopping are emerging as new avenues of time theft within the work place. This employee time lost during work hours may also correlate with productivity loss of the individual and the company.

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